At CreditCorrect we not only help you get your credit score up, but we teach you how to do it yourself. Whether you need help with theft, raising credit scores, knowing which bank to choose, or even knowing what interest rates are good.

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The CreditCorrect &trade System;

Consumer credit, who needs it?  We all do, unless we’re among the small percentage of Americans who can afford to acquire material possessions, including big ticket items like cars and houses, by paying for the entire cost up-front.  We all need credit.  The important thing to remember, that in today’s society as we get more technologically advanced, our credit profile is not merely a credit rating, rather it’s our reputation.

Obtain Credit Report

There are three major credit bureaus in the United States, EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX and TRANS UNION. These credit bureaus obtain their information from your creditors. Creditors rate their debtors and report various information on credit consumers to the credit bureaus. This information is compiled into a credit profile or credit report. These reports can then be purchased by participating creditors knows as “subscribers”.

Dispute Inaccurate items

You must dispute all inaccurate information as soon as  you discover an issue. This will give you time to review as  much as possible  and

Follow Up

(1) Identify problem entries by circling the entire entry and writing the word “wrong” or “inaccurate” in the margin.
  • S – Stop spending immediately
  • T – Think where you can reduce your costs
  • O – Optimize your income
  • P – Produce additional income
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Debt Reduction

  • S – Stop spending immediately
  • T – Think where you can reduce your costs
  • O – Optimize your income
  • P – Produce additional income


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